Sunday, 10 February 2019

Pandora Spring Themed Bracelets and Rings

The Pandora Spring collection is always my favourite of mine and I look forward to seeing what they are going to release each year. The Spring 2019 collection is releasing next month, it’s usually around the middle of the month. I am excited to see what will be in this year’s collection and I’m sure a few of the pieces will make it onto my wish list. When it has released I will be doing a post sharing my favourite picks from the collection, so keep a look out for that coming next month.

To prepare us for Spring next month and the new collection releasing, I thought I would put together a post showing you my Spring themed charms, rings and bracelets and the bracelet designs I have created with them, to give you some inspiration.

Unfortunately not all of the pieces I am showing with you are still available, but I still wanted to show them to give you some inspiration and to share what I have in my collection. Underneath each picture I will put links to which pieces are still available to buy. It may vary from each country which pieces are available still, so it’s worth checking the Pandora page for your country.  

Also at the end of this post I will be sharing with you my favourite Spring themed picks from Pandora at the moment, with direct links under each one as well.

In the bracelet designs I have put together, all of the bracelets have some floral pieces on them, in a range of colours including pinks, white and peach. I also have some pave, butterfly, dragonfly and fairies. I have done reviews on all of my Pandora collection, which you can find here Pandora Reviews, in these reviews you will find more close up photo’s of each piece. 

Available from: Pandora UK- Pandora BraceletPandora PendantPandora SpacersPandora ClipsPandora CharmPandora Daisies Ring and The Jewel Hut-Pandora BraceletPandora PendantPandora ClipsPandora CharmPandora Daisies Ring

Available from: Pandora UK- Pandora BraceletPandora Clips and The Jewel Hut- Pandora BraceletPandora Charm

Available from: Pandora UK- Pandora BraceletPandora Clips and The Jewel Hut- Pandora Bracelet

Available from: Pandora UK- Pandora Bracelet and The Jewel Hut- Pandora Charm

Available from: Pandora UK- Pandora BraceletPandora Spacers and The Jewel Hut- Pandora BraceletPandora Spacers

  Available from: Pandora UK- Pandora Bracelet and The Jewel Hut- Pandora Bracelet

 My Spring Themed Picks from Pandora UK

                         Pandora UK                                          Pandora UK and The Jewel Hut

         Pandora UK and The Jewel Hut                                Pandora UK and The Jewel Hut

         Pandora UK and The Jewel Hut                                    Pandora UK and The Jewel Hut

         Pandora UK and The Jewel Hut                                 Pandora UK and The Jewel Hut

          Pandora UK and The Jewel Hut                                                      Pandora UK 

        Pandora UK and The Jewel Hut                                                       Pandora UK 

        Pandora UK and The Jewel Hut                                         Pandora UK and The Jewel Hut

                             Pandora UK                                                                   Pandora UK 

I hope you have found this blog post helpful.

You can buy Pandora from your local store or from their online website Pandora UKThey also have a list on there of authorised Pandora online retailers as well; one of these is The Jewel Hut.

Leave me a comment below. Do you put together themed bracelet designs and match with rings?

You can find the Stackers jewellery box featured in the photo at Stackers

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  1. I love your spring themed bracelets, the new collection is very exciting. Can’t wait to play around with some of the new charms 🌱🌷💐

    1. Thank you for commenting. I’m glad you like them. The new collection looks so beautiful, I can’t wait to go see it all in store.



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