Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Essie Fun In The Gondola Nail Polish Review and Comparisons

Essie Fun In The Gondola was originally called Fondala Gondola, was released in the Fall 2002 collection called GoGo. I am not sure why Essie changed the name. When I was searching the internet, with this being an old collection, the only information I found out about this collection, was it consisted of six nail polishes and the names of those polishes as well.   

Fun In The Gondola is a gorgeous rosy pink shade, which I absolutely love. This is one of my favourite shades from Essie, as the colour is just so stunning. It’s a shade that I wear mainly in the Spring and Summer, but would look lovely in Autumn for a pop of colour. 

It is a cream formula, which has a lovely consistency. On the first coat it was so easy to apply and you could still see my nail underneath a bit. On the second coat it was fully opaque. 


L-R- Essie Gel Couture Stitch by Stitch, Essie Fun In The Gondola, Zoya Brandi

Thumb, Middle and Little Finger- Essie Fun In The Gondola, Index Finger- Essie Gel Couture Stitch By Stitch, Ring Finger- Zoya Brandi

Essie Gel Couture Stitch By Stitch is not as rosy pink and is a lighter shade. Zoya Brandi is a darker pink, which is more of a berry shade.

This is a nail polish that you can find on sites like Ebay and Amazon. It is also available from Ella Gray for £6.50 (I have previously spoken about this site before. It’s a website in the UK, but are shipped from the US, so I only order two polishes at once, so I don’t get custom, etc charges)

Leave me a comment below. What do you think to this shade? 


  1. Such a pretty shade! I love those kinds of muted pinks xx

    1. Thank you for commenting. It is a really pretty shade and yes I love this kind of pink as well.



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