Sunday, 21 April 2019

Pixi DetoxifEye Eye Patches Review

Pixi recently brought out the DetoxifEye Eye Patches, which are instant depuffing and reviving hydrogel eye patches. It says the under eye area will be revived, refreshed and rehydrated. The eye patches are infused with cucumber and gold which help soothe, nourish and fortify. Also hyaluronic acid which adds hydration and caffeine smooths and depuffs, helping to reduce dark circles.

You get 30 pairs/60 patches for £22, which is working out at less than a £1 for each pair of eye patches, making them great value. You can use these eye patches on a daily basis or as often as needed. They say they can be chilled for extra depuffing effect.

Pixi Beauty has been a brand I have heard so many people talking about and is one that I have wanted to try for a while. When I saw a few people talking about these masks, I liked the sound of them and decided to try them out. 

They come in a green plastic container, with a blue top. The lid twists off and inside is a plastic cover, which will help keep the eye patches fresher. 

It comes with a little clear plastic spatula, which you use to separate each eye patch, when getting them out. 

You use the spatula to lift out the eye patches. Apply onto clean dry under eye area with the thickest part at the outer corner. Do the same on both sides. You leave them on for 10 minutes and then discard after use. You can then gently pat any remaining serum into the skin. You don’t need to wash it off. 

I found they were easy to get out of the container, using the spatula. When going to apply them to the eye area, they were a bit slippery between my fingers, as they are a hydrogel with lots of product on, so aren’t easy to get a grip of. The first time it took quite a bit of time to get them in the correct place, as they were moving slightly, with them having a lot of product on. After a few uses you get used to handling them and it becomes easier to apply them.

When I was putting the patches in place the first time, I did catch my nail on them and as they are hydrogel, it did make a cut in them, so you need to be gentle.

They are comfortable to wear and do stop in place the whole time.

They have a really good amount of product on them and when I take them off, there is quite a bit of surplus product, which I gently pat in around my whole eye area. It does take a while for it to fully soak into the skin and the eye area where the product has been, does feel a bit sticky for a while afterwards, but it does eventually wear off.

I notice my skin on my under eye area looks smoother and tighter. It leaves my eye area looking fresher and brighter. They feel really hydrated and it reduces the appearance of my dark circles a little. 

These are available to buy from Boots UK and Look Fantastic UK for £22. Also from Pixi Beauty US for $24.00.

Leave me a comment below. Have you tried this new eye masks and what do you think to them? What are you recommendations from Pixi?

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  1. I love Pixi Skincare. These look like they would be so amazing in the heat too cool and sooth. I didn't realise they were so reasonably priced too. Will be checking them out xx

    1. Thank you for commenting. This is the the first product I've tried from them, but I definitely need to try some more of their products. Yes I can imagine if you put these in the fridge to keep cool and use them on a warm day, they will be so soothing and cooling. You'll have to let me know what you think to them, when you try them out.

  2. I am loving these at the moment. Great value too! xx


    1. Thank you for commenting. Great to hear your loving them and yes they are such great value.

  3. I have and love these! They feel so hydrating, refreshing and such good quality. x

    1. Thank you for commenting. Great to hear your loving these eye patches. I totally agree with you they are so hydrating, refreshing and nice quality as well.

  4. I have these in my stash but I haven't tried them yet. I much prefer eye masks to be too wet rather than not wet enough - I can't remember the brand but I used some a while ago that were almost dry and it felt like they couldn't possibly be doing any good! xx

    1. Thank you for commenting. Yeah I totally agree I prefer the masks to have plenty of product on. Hope you get to try them soon. You'll have to let me know what you think to them, when you do.



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