Sunday, 11 August 2019

Essie Coral Nail Polishes- Gel Couture Signature Smile, Let It Glow, Cute As A Button, Nice Package and Out Of The Jukebox- Reviews and Comparisons

In today’s post I am sharing with you my favourite coral nail polishes I have in my collection from Essie. I did a previous post on my favourite Essie purple nail polishes, which you can find hereCoral is a shade I love to wear in the Summer months, as it is a bright fun shade, which I associate mostly with the warmer months. I will be doing mini reviews on each shade and also at the end of the post showing how they compare to each other as well.

Gel Couture Signature Smile

Available from: Boots UK

Gel Couture Signature Smile was released in the first gel couture collection in 2016. It is a gel like finish, in a two step system, where you apply the nail polish colour and followed up by the gel couture top coat.

It is a coral pink shade in a cream formula. On the first coat I had some patches where it was slightly streaky. On the second coat it coated more evenly, but needed a third coat to get it fully opaque and even.

Let It Glow 

Available from: Ella Gray

Let It Glow was released in the Desert Mirage Collection in 2018 and we only got this one shade from the collection, which at the time was exclusive to Superdrug. It is no longer available at Superdrug, but can be found at Ella Gray, which has a UK website, but is based in the US.

It is a fiery coral pink colour, with a golden shimmer running all the way through it, which translates beautifully onto the nails. On the first coat it was close to being fully opaque, but gets fully opaque in two. 

Cute As A Button

Available from: Boots UKFeel Unique 

Cute As A Button was originally released in the Summer 2009 collection, but is now part of the permanent collection. It is a coral shade in a cream formula. On the first coat it builds up nicely, but you could still see my nail line a bit. On the second coat it gets fully opaque.

Nice Package

Available from: Amazon

Nice Package was released in the Resort collection 2013. It is a cream formula and is a bright pink coral shade. On the first coat it had the odd streak, but got fully opaque in two coats.

Out Of The Jukebox

Available from: Fragrance Direct

Out Of The Jukebox was released in the Soda Pop 2018 collection. It is a peach coral shade, with gold shimmer running through it. The formula of this polish is a sheer, so takes a bit to build up. It took me four coats to get it fully opaque, but it was worth it.


 L-R Out Of The Jukebox, Nice Package, Gel Couture Signature Smile, Cute As A Button, Let It Glow

 Thumb- Out Of The Jukebox, Index Finger- Nice Package, Middle Finger- Gel Couture Signature Smile, Ring Finger- Cute As A Button, Little Finger- Let It Glow

As you can see these are all quite different shades of coral and none of them are similar.

Leave me a comment below. What are you favourite coral nail polishes from Essie?

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  1. I love a coral nail polish for summer and Essie do my favourite nail polishes! Love the ones you picked in this post x

    1. So do I, it's a colour I always associate with Summer. Essie are my favourite for nail polishes. Thank you.

  2. Gorgeous collection! Nice package and Signature Smile are my favourites xx


    1. Thank you. Yes both of those shades are beautiful.



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