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Pandora Autumn 2019 Collection

Pandora released their new Autumn 2019 collection on the 29th August. On the Pandora UK website, it say’s “Discover the things you love. This season let your imagination take you to a world that mirrors the passion, people and places you love”. I really like this collection for Autumn with the leaves, Autumn animals, the colours, etc. Also in this collection are some new Disney pieces.

Pandora have also changed their logo slightly, brought out new packaging (my store didn't have this yet), website and new store designs. The first new store design in the UK is at Fosse Park Leicester, which from the photo’s I have seen looks beautiful. 

I always get excited to see the previews of new collections and then to actually see the pieces in store. I went at the start of the week to see the collection and treated myself to a new charm, which you will see in the photo in this post.

In this post I am sharing with you my picks from the collection, including the piece I have already bought, ones on my wish list and then some other pieces that I really like from this collection.

I will be talking a little bit about each item and will have direct links under each piece as well.

A little bit of information you may not know about me, is that I am a massive Disney fan and have been since I was a little girl. One of my favourite Disney films is The Little Mermaid. So my first charm from the new collection I had to get is the Ariel dangle charm, which I will be doing a full review on soon. I also actually bought a couple of Mary Poppins charms, which have been on my wish list, which I will also be reviewing. 

My Picks

     Pandora UK and The Jewel Hut             Pandora UK and The Jewel Hut

          Pandora UK and The Jewel Hut                                Pandora UK and The Jewel Hut

I think the character charms that Pandora releases are just so cute. I know so many people love them and are happy to see them releasing more. I have a few of the Disney ones in my collection already.  

        Pandora UK and The Jewel Hut              Pandora UK and The Jewel Hut

I’ve mentioned before that I love the different clasp designs they release. This one fits perfectly into the Autumn theme, with the leaves on the clasp and the two leaf dangles. Also the clips match the clasp design. 

      Pandora UK and The Jewel Hut            Pandora UK and The Jewel Hut

Another clasp design they have released in this collection, but with the Pandora crown design. Both of the bracelets in this post, are the smooth bracelet, so silicone clips can be used on them. The leaf charm is a nice way of adding a touch of Autumn into a design and is a simple and plain piece, that will work with lots of different bracelet designs. 

      Pandora UK and The Jewel Hut              Pandora UK and The Jewel Hut

I think both of the Pandora Rose pink murano glass pieces are just so beautiful. The pendant is one that you can use on a bracelet or a necklace. 

       Pandora UK and The Jewel Hut             Pandora UK and The Jewel Hut

I think the rose mixed with the pink they have used on both of these pieces is beautiful. Both of these would look lovely together on a bracelet design. 

       Pandora UK and The Jewel Hut              Pandora UK and The Jewel Hut

The three of love dangle I think looks really nice in the Pandora Rose. It would look lovely on a bracelet or necklace. I have this ring in the silver version and it’s a beautiful statement ring. 

     Pandora UK and The Jewel Hut              Pandora UK and The Jewel Hut

The O pendant is a new concept for this collection and comes in different sizes and colours. I have seen a few people put this on a necklace with some charms and really like how it looks. I love my sparkly rings and this one looks so beautiful. 

You can buy Pandora from your local store or from their online website Pandora UKThey also have a list on there of authorised Pandora online retailers as well; one of these is The Jewel Hut.

Leave me a comment below. Have you bought anything from the collection and what’s on your wish list?

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*All stock photo’s used in this blog post are from the Pandora UK website


  1. Love the Disney charms but the Rose pink leaf ring is really something special xx

    1. I love the Disney charms. Yes the rose pink leaf ring is special. It looks gorgeous.

  2. I love Pandora jewellery! These are all such gorgeous pieces! I especially love all the rose gold ones! x

    1. As you probably know so do I. They are gorgeous pieces. The rose gold ones are so beautiful.



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