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L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Essential Water, Cream and Energising Eye Balm Reviews

L’Occitane has various Immortelle skincare collections, Immortelle Precious, Immortelle Divine, Overnight Reset and other products containing the ingredient as well. I have tried a few products from these collections already and have some minis and samples of some others still to try. I have reviews on L’Occitane Overnight Reset Serum (reviewand Oil to Milk Facial Makeup Remover (review). 

The L’Occitane Immortelle Precious skincare range contains cleansing foam, essential water, serum, fluid, cream, cream with SPF, eye balm, sheet mask and face mist.

The ingredient used in all of these products is the Immortelle flower. It says on the L’Occitane website “it’s organic essential oil is rich in active molecules, with unique anti-ageing properties”. 

As I’ve said in previous skincare review posts, I have dry skin which is also sensitive and this is how these products have worked for me personally.

Immortelle Precious Essential Water

Available: L'Occitane UK £19.50 200ml and L'Occitane US $34.00

I have two travel size bottles of the essential water, one of which I got in the advent calendar and another as a free gift with purchase.

The Essential Water is an alcohol free toner, which removes traces of makeup and preps the skin. It is enriched in Rose floral water to soothe the skin, Hyaluronic Acid, which hydrates and plumps the skin. You apply after cleansing and can be used morning and night.

This has a lovely scent to it, which you can smell whilst applying the product, but I don’t notice it afterwards. I do have sensitive skin and I don’t find this scent irritates my skin at all.

I apply it with a cotton pad, like they say to and find it easy to use. It creates a lovely base for the rest of my skincare products to go on top of. Once applied it instantly soaks into the skin and feels very lightweight. The skin feels soft, hydrated and nourished and stops like that all day. It also gives the skin a little bit of a glow.

Immortelle Precious Cream 

Available: L'Occitane UKJohn Lewis & PartnersFeel Unique £55 50ml, L'Occitane US $65.00

I got a mini of this cream in the advent calendar, another as a free gift with purchase and also have a sachet sample as well, so it has given me the chance to really try out this moisturiser.

The Precious Cream is ideal for normal to dry skin and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, boosts the skin’s firmness and offer’s lasting anti-ageing protection. This cream can be used morning and night.

It is enriched with Immortelle and dynamic Hyaluronic Acid complex, which they say can power up your skin’s natural renewal in just 10 days. On the L’Occitane website it says “twice as powerful as standard Hyaluronic Acid, this dynamic complex is able to quadruple the natural production of Hyaluronic Acid in the skin. It helps stimulate cell proliferation, while Immortelle essential oil helps cells to mature, so skin can renew itself faster. With daily use the epidermis is re-invigorated, soft and comfortable. Skin is smoother and firmer, its youthfulness prolonged”.

This has the same scent as the essential water and I can smell it whilst using and for a little bit afterwards. The cream has a lovely medium to thick consistency, which I have found easy to massage into the skin. Once applied it instantly starts to soak into the skin and even though it is a thicker consistency, I actually don’t find it takes too long to fully soak in. With this moisturiser I find it feels really lightweight on the skin, which I wasn’t expecting with the consistency of it.

I have been using this in a morning and like to alternate it with another moisturiser, as I find that works best for my skin. I do apply a toner and serum before using this moisturiser and have found it has been working perfectly with those products.

The moisturiser leaves my skin feeling really soft and smooth. My skin feels really hydrated, nourished and soothed and it keeps it like that throughout the whole day. The first time I used this moisturiser, I had a couple of dry patches and it cleared them up. It adds a little bit of a glow to the skin as well.

I do have some wrinkles on my forehead and so far I haven’t noticed any difference with those, but I always think with most anti-ageing skincare products you need to give them a really good length of time to see the full benefits. I really love how my skin feels with this moisturiser and have found it really works for my skin. I would definitely like to get a full size of this moisturiser.

Immortelle Energising Eye Balm

Available: L'Occitane UKFeel Unique £39 15ml, L'Occitane US $45.00

I got a mini of this eye balm as a free gift with purchase and a sample sachet as well.

The Energising Eye Balm contains Immortelle and a dynamic Hyaluronic Acid complex, which helps visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. They say it has a non greasy formula, which is fragrance free. It is a nourishing texture that melts into the skin immediately and leaves the eye area revitalised. Day after day the eye area looks smoothed and rested.

This eye balm has a lovely consistency, which I find easy to apply to the eye area, using my ring finger. It dries down really quickly, doesn’t leave any stickiness or anything and feels very lightweight. The eye area is left feeling hydrated and stops like that throughout the whole night, which is when I have been using this. I have dark under eye circles, which have been reduced a bit and the eye area has looked brighter. I do have some crow’s feet and some fine lines and it has smoothed them out a bit.

Leave me a comment below. Have you tried any of these L’Occitane skincare products and what do you think to them? 

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